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Smart Blinds

Experience ideal smart blinds, climate management and privacy with a vast array of beautiful motorized shading solutions that complement the décor of any space and offer effortless control from your mobile or sophisticated touch switch


Whether you are tired of constantly getting up to adjust the blinds to avoid glare on your TV or have windows that are too high to reach, managing the sunlight and your shades can be inconvenient. Smart Binds streamline and automate this process, making it easier for your family to adjust how much light enters your home, which can impact the temperature of each room as well. Smart Blinds can also protect your furniture and artwork from the harsh rays of the sun or adjust automatically to keep the morning sun from waking you up, and all of it can be easily controlled with a smart phone and Touch Pure. Our team at Bespoke Future Homes is happy to show you a wide assortment of designs and materials to fit your home.

Good Morning
Manage daylight at the touch of a button with centralized whole-home and whole-building control of automated window treatments.
Passive heating
Save energy beyond routine use of automated window treatments with comprehensive one-tap scenes for your entire home or business.
Automatic shading
Manage solar heat gain in the summer months and heat loss during the winter months.
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IG House Shading 1

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The Benefits Of Smart Home Blind Systems

Smart Climate Temperature Monitor

Temperature Management

In the summer, your blinds will help to prevent your rooms from becoming too hot. In the winter, they will help keep some of the warmth in. This is all done automatically.

Blinds Control Group

Flexible Groups

With Bespoke Future Homes you have the ability to group your blinds. Decide how many you want and what sets of blinds should go in each group – then you can control these groups as one. 

Loxone Ecosystem

In Perfect Harmony

From music to security to lighting, with Bespoke Future Homes every aspect of your system will work hand in hand. This results in a harmonious ecosystem.

Smart Blinds Privacy

Privacy Protection

At sunset, your blinds will automatically close to offer you some privacy from the outside world.

Child Lock

Child Lock

If you have young children, you can enable our Child Lock feature. This will temporarily disable the switches in order to prevent the little ones adjusting the blinds. Whilst this is enabled you can still operate the blinds via the app. 

Smart Blinds Alarm lighting

Wake up with light

Be gently brought out of your sleep by natural light – with Bespoke Future Homes your blinds will automatically raise in the morning to bring you out of your slumber.

Smart Blinds Storm Protection

Storm Protection

If you have external shutters or awnings and there happens to be a storm, these will automatically retract to protect against wind damage.

Smart Blinds Safety Protection

Safety around-the-clock

If you are on holiday your blinds will mimic your behaviour to deter potential burglars. Also if there is an emergency whilst you’re in, the blinds will automatically raise to make escape routes more accessible. 

Smart Blinds Solar Optimisation

Safety around-the-clock

Your system will know where the sun is and what the temperature is. It uses this information to adjust the blinds and heat your rooms via natural sources – thus saving energy. 

Unlimited flexibility

Smart Blinds Control Manchester

Automatic Blinds

Whether it’s Venetian blinds or Roman blinds Bespoke Future Homes has got you covered.

Smart Curtain Control Manchester

Automated Curtains

If you have traditional curtains then fear not as they can be intelligently controlled.

Integral Blinds

Integral Blinds

Automated your integral blinds to benefit from improved energy efficiency and low maintenance.

External Blinds

External Shutters

External shutters or roller blinds can offer great levels of darkening, they also have the added benefit of providing an element of security.

Intuitive control of your shading

Via app

With the Loxone app, you can control all of your blinds with one hand. You’ll also be able to see the status of your blinds at any time. Constant updates ensure that the Loxone App is always improving and adding new functionality. 

Via Switch

Control the blinds in any given room via one simple switch standard. Whether it’s our Touch, Touch Pure or our Touch Surface you can adjust the blinds with just two touch points. Simply use the top left of the switch to raise the blinds and the bottom left to lower them, it really is as simple as that.

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Installation Process


With our extensive experience providing smart technology and integrated systems we can provide thoughtful discussion and valuable insight.


Comprehensive and thoughtful system design and engineering up front leads to the best balance of functionality, reliability and aesthetics in the end result.


Putting all the parts and pieces together for smart technology and integrated systems needs to be executed with skill, precision, and some finesse.


Making everything work together is what we do best. Our programmers make the magic happen.


We always deliver great support, even after our work is done. If there is anything you need, contact us anytime, and we will do our best to accommodate.

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