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We connect smart devices to work in unison, delivering a truly intelligent smart home experience that makes life more convenient, safe, and enjoyable.


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Smart home (home automation) system is the way of connecting devices and appliances in your house together and providing control over them. It is truly amazing how the modern technology allows to control your home from anywhere and decide how and when which device should react.

Loxone lighting


Loxone lighting offers an expanded way to add intelligence to the lighting in your home. These budget-friendly options are perfect for areas of the home that aren’t utilized as often as primary rooms, such as bathrooms, garages, and closets. They provide flexibility for a consistent lighting solution across the entire house.


Keep your home, and the important things in it, safe and secure at all times. Check in on the locks, cameras, and garage doors from anywhere. Receive alerts when someone enters the house. Set lights to automatically come on at dusk so you’ll never have to approach a dark house again. Intelligent security solutions put peace of mind at your fingertips so you can trust that all is safe and sound.

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Multimedia & Music

Entertainment should be an enriching experience. This requires high quality video, detailed accurate audio and above all, ease of use. We will work with you to install a bespoke system based on your preference, performance expectations, aesthetics and budget. Our solutions are designed to scale and we always plan ahead to cater for any future upgrades.

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Heating & Cooling

Maximize your energy savings by setting the optimal temperature in any room. Intuitive, sophisticated climate control for every season. Loxone miniserver constantly monitor the environment providing efficient output at all times and can be fully controlled through one easy to use touch of a button.

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Blind Control

We implement indoor and outdoor architectural lighting solutions, creating the perfect ambience for your home using Loxone Blind extension. Using silent blinds and curtains with pre-set lighting scenes, our system transforms the mood of any room with a simple touch while reducing energy consumption via sustainable design.

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Access Control

Whether you’re home or away, with Loxone Intercom solution you can monitor and communicate with any room of your smart home right from your smart phone and Loxone displays. Greet guests and allow them to enter if you are running late, check in on your kids if they aren’t answering their phones, and observe and communicate with anyone who approaches your front door. 


With our extensive experience providing smart technology and integrated systems we can provide thoughtful discussion and valuable insight.


Comprehensive and thoughtful system design and engineering up front leads to the best balance of functionality, reliability and aesthetics in the end result.


Putting all the parts and pieces together for smart technology and integrated systems needs to be executed with skill, precision, and some finesse.


Making everything work together is what we do best. Our programmers make the magic happen.


We always deliver great support, even after our work is done. If there is anything you need, contact us anytime, and we will do our best to accommodate.

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