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Reasons You Should Automate

Reasons You Should Automate

Reasons To Automate Your Home

Building automation through Loxone simplifies and streamlines the process of achieving optimal efficiency in various aspects such as lighting, heating, security, energy management, and more. It ensures that operations occur automatically, eliminating the need for complex controls. Additionally, Loxone enables the building to adapt and integrate its systems efficiently, safely, and sustainably to suit its surroundings. With Loxone, this functionality becomes effortless and unified. Below, we present 10 compelling reasons to select Loxone as your building automation system.

1. Reduce the need for manual intervention

Loxone Miniserver Electrical Wiring

No longer do we have to manually control the lighting, heating, and other aspects of each room. In traditional buildings, we were accustomed to making extra efforts to remember turning off lights or adjusting the heating to save energy. However, with Loxone, all of this can be easily configured to happen automatically through Loxone Config.

The central control unit, known as the Miniserver, serves as the brain behind every installation. It can also notify you when maintenance or filter changes are required. Paired with user-friendly software tools, it is now easier than ever to create a comprehensive system that integrates all aspects of building automation and caters to a wide range of needs.

For instance, Loxone intelligently combines heating and automatic blinds. On a sunny day, the Miniserver will automatically raise the blinds to allow natural heat into the room. Once the desired temperature is reached, the heating will be scaled back. This is just one example of how Loxone intelligently automates building processes.

Loxone Miniserver Electrical Wiring
Loxone Home Automation

2. Versatile and adaptable to projects of any scale

Irrespective of the magnitude of your building automation undertaking, the Miniserver offers limitless potential and provides you with exceptional adaptability. Loxone empowers you to expand your system effortlessly using a diverse selection of Extensions. In the case of larger buildings, where a comprehensive control system is necessary but individual control of specific areas or zones is required (such as hotel rooms), multiple Miniservers can be utilized within a client/gateway grouping. This ensures the perfect balance between centralized control and independent functionality.

3. Sophisticated and adjustable lighting management

Smart Light control - relaxing mode

Let’s begin with the creation of lighting atmospheres suitable for any occasion. Within any building, it becomes feasible to blend various light fixtures, whether high or low-voltage, incorporating diverse colors and intensities. By offering complete flexibility in controlling individual or grouped lights, Loxone allows for seamless adaptation to the unique requirements of each project. This capability opens up a plethora of possibilities for hotels, restaurants, pubs, offices, shops, and more.

Moreover, an intelligently illuminated space offers benefits that extend beyond mere aesthetics. Particularly in terms of wellness and productivity, the implementation of tunable white lighting effects can effectively support the circadian rhythm and enhance well-being in various settings, including homes, offices, and other environments.

Smart Light control - relaxing mode
Smart Home Access Control Manchester
4. Comprehensive safeguarding of the building

In addition to addressing events like burglaries, Loxone is capable of responding to potential hazards such as water leaks or freezing conditions. When a danger is detected, the system can be programmed to send notifications to your smartphone and, if necessary, take actions like shutting off the water supply, activating an alarm, and more. This comprehensive level of protection is achieved by leveraging a range of intelligent sensors offered by Loxone.

Furthermore, Loxone facilitates proactive maintenance by alerting you when certain components, such as filters, need to be changed or serviced. Instead of relying on a reactive approach where issues are addressed only after they arise, Loxone informs you in advance, providing an opportunity to take action before any critical failure occurs. This proactive approach ensures optimal performance and reduces the risk of unexpected malfunctions.

5. Personalized temperature and other controls for each room
IG Zoned Heating Temperature

We recognize that various rooms serve distinct purposes and, as a result, should not always be maintained at the same temperature. Loxone provides the capability of achieving ideal temperatures at all times through our individual room control feature. This ensures that each room is automatically regulated, allowing you to unwind without any concerns.

Factors such as the presence of individuals in the room, external weather conditions, and the desired indoor temperature are taken into account by the heating and cooling system as it self-regulates. By considering these variables, Loxone guarantees optimal comfort while efficiently managing energy consumption.

IG Zoned Heating Temperature
Smart Home Access Control Manchester

6. Maintain the privacy of your data

In today’s interconnected world, safeguarding data is of utmost importance, and Loxone places a strong emphasis on this aspect. That’s precisely why the Loxone system operates without relying on the Cloud. All system programming, schedules, presence information, modes, user data, and more are securely stored locally on the Miniserver within each installation. Unlike many other “smart” systems available, Loxone ensures that your data is neither bought nor stored in any cloud-based platform, and it is not disclosed or shared with any third parties. The principle is clear: your building, your data.

Furthermore, Loxone offers a range of functions such as automated lighting, zoned heating, multi-room audio, and more, all without requiring internet connectivity. While Loxone does provide certain features that utilize internet connectivity, these functions are non-essential, such as retrieving online weather data or sending push notifications to your smartphone. The core functionality of Loxone operates independently of the internet, prioritizing data privacy and minimizing dependence on external networks.

7. Streamline energy management

Smart Light control - showroom

A connected system is synonymous with energy efficiency. In Loxone, the heating, cooling, and blinds harmoniously collaborate to optimize energy usage. If the room is too cold, the blinds automatically rise, utilizing the sun’s energy to warm the space. Only if the desired temperature is not achieved does the heating system activate. Conversely, when it’s too hot, the blinds instinctively lower to minimize solar heat gain.

Moreover, integrating solar panels into your Loxone system is a seamless process. This allows you to harness the collected solar energy to supplement your energy requirements. An intelligent energy meter records both the current electricity consumption and production, providing you with real-time insights accessible directly from the Loxone App. This comprehensive approach empowers you to monitor and manage energy usage effectively.

Smart Light control - showroom
Loxone Intercom - Smart Access Control

8. Smart and customized access management

Loxone provides an extensive array of options for access control in residential and commercial settings. Thanks to the adaptable nature of our system, virtually any type of access control is achievable.

The NFC Code Touch feature offers keyless access, allowing users to utilize NFC Key Fobs or enter a personal access code. With the Loxone Intercom, you can conveniently communicate with and visually observe individuals at your door, regardless of your location worldwide. In fact, if necessary, you can even grant remote access to authorized individuals.

Moreover, Loxone offers comprehensive access control capabilities that extend beyond entrance management. You have the ability to restrict access to specific sensitive areas within a building, such as management offices or server rooms, based on the individual permissions assigned to each user. This level of control ensures enhanced security and tailored access privileges throughout the premises.

9. The Loxone App

Loxone Smart home App Manchester

The Loxone App provides immediate access to control essential functions whenever necessary, even while you’re away from the premises. Whether you’re on-the-go or managing a commercial property like a hotel, the app offers the flexibility to handle various tasks. It is continually updated with new features to ensure optimal functionality.

With the Loxone App, you can effortlessly define users, manage access rights, set desired lighting moods, switch music sources, and much more. The app’s versatility makes it equally suitable for smart homes and commercial properties, enabling convenient control and customization of your Loxone system with ease.

Loxone Smart home App Manchester
Loxone Intercom - Smart Access Control

10. Comprehensive multiroom audio experience beyond mere music

The Audioserver provided by Loxone offers an intelligent multiroom audio system that goes beyond delivering exceptional music quality. Its versatility allows for installation in various building types, enabling a wide range of functionalities. For instance, it can serve as a powerful alarm system in a restaurant, an intelligent doorbell in a smart home, or facilitate voice announcements in an office setting.

Additionally, the Stereo Extension extends the capabilities of the Audioserver by adding two additional amplifier outputs. These outputs enable the creation of extensive audio zone groupings, resulting in a highly flexible and low-maintenance multiroom audio system.

Loxone stands out for its compatibility with numerous communication protocols (such as Modbus, Dali, and DMX) and devices available in the market, making the system incredibly adaptable.

Configuration of all functionalities is conveniently managed using Loxone Config, and control can be easily accessed through a range of touch switches or the user-friendly Loxone App. With Loxone, you gain a straightforward and customizable solution for comprehensive building automation. Now that you’ve learned about Loxone, why not embark on your automation journey with us?

Transform Your Living Space with Light Control

Transform Your Living Space with Light Control

Transform Your Living Space with Loxone Smart Light Control from Bespoke Future Homes

Discover the next level of home automation with Smart Light Control, installed by Bespoke Future Homes. In this article, we will explore how Loxone’s cutting-edge technology revolutionizes lighting systems, enhances energy efficiency, and transforms your living space into a personalized, intelligent haven.

The Evolution of Home Lighting Systems

Smart Light control - blue mode

With advancements in technology, traditional lighting systems have evolved into intelligent, interconnected networks. Smart Light Control goes beyond mere illumination, providing homeowners with enhanced functionality and control over their lighting. Bespoke Future Homes offers a seamless integration of Loxone’s smart lighting solutions into your living space, allowing you to create custom lighting scenes, automate lighting schedules, and adjust brightness and color to suit any occasion.

Smart Light control - blue mode
Loxone Presence Detector Manchester

The Benefits of Loxone Smart Light Control

Loxone Smart Light Control offers a plethora of advantages, making it a must-have feature for any modern home. Firstly, it provides effortless control through intuitive interfaces, such as smart switches, smartphones, or voice commands, allowing you to adjust lighting settings with ease. Additionally, Loxone’s integration with motion sensors and presence detectors ensures that lights are only activated when needed, optimizing energy consumption and reducing electricity costs.

Furthermore, Loxone’s dynamic lighting scenes and color-changing capabilities can set the mood for any occasion, from cozy movie nights to vibrant parties. With Bespoke Future Homes’ expertise, you can experience these benefits firsthand, as they offer seamless installation and customization to cater to your unique preferences.

Personalization and Automation

Smart Light control - relaxing mode

Loxone Smart Light Control enables you to personalize your lighting experience to an unprecedented level. Through Bespoke Future Homes’ expert guidance, you can create lighting scenes tailored to specific areas, such as the kitchen, living room, or bedroom.

Whether you desire bright, task-oriented lighting for cooking or a soothing ambiance for relaxation, Loxone delivers. Moreover, Loxone’s intelligent automation features enable lights to respond to external factors like natural light, occupancy, or even the time of day, ensuring optimal lighting conditions at all times. This level of automation not only enhances convenience but also increases energy efficiency by eliminating unnecessary energy consumption.

Smart Light control - relaxing mode
Loxone Home Automation

Integration and Expandability

Loxone Smart Light Control seamlessly integrates with other smart home systems, such as security, heating, and audio, providing a cohesive and comprehensive home automation experience. With Bespoke Future Homes’ expertise, you can have all your smart devices working in harmony, enhancing the convenience and comfort of your home. Additionally, Loxone’s expandable architecture allows for future customization and integration of new features as technology advances, ensuring that your home remains at the forefront of innovation.


Upgrade your living space with Loxone Smart Light Control from Bespoke Future Homes and experience the remarkable benefits of intelligent lighting systems. Enjoy effortless control, energy optimization, and unparalleled personalization through dynamic lighting scenes. With seamless integration and expandability, you can create a truly intelligent and connected home. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your living space into a haven of comfort and convenience. Contact Bespoke Future Homes today on the form below and embark on a journey towards a smarter future.

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Smart Home Security

Smart Home Security

Smart Home Security

In today’s fast-paced world, people are increasingly relying on technology to simplify their lives. One such advancement is smart home security systems, which provide homeowners with peace of mind knowing their homes are secure. Loxone is a smart home automation company that has been providing innovative solutions to homeowners for over a decade. In this blog, we will delve deeper into Loxone smart home security, explore how it can help protect your home and why we are proud to be one of Loxone Partners .

What is Loxone?

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Loxone is a company based in Austria that specializes in smart home automation. The company’s primary focus is to create homes that are more comfortable, secure, and energy-efficient through intelligent automation. Loxone offers a wide range of products that can be used to control lighting, heating, ventilation, and security systems in your home.

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Loxone Home Automation

What is Loxone Smart Home Security?

Loxone Smart Home Security is a comprehensive system that uses a combination of sensors, cameras, and alarms to detect and respond to potential threats. The system can be customized to fit your specific needs and can be controlled through a smartphone app or a central control panel.

How Does Loxone Smart Home Security Work?

Loxone Alarm Siren

The Loxone Smart Home Security system uses a range of sensors and devices to monitor your home. These devices can detect movement, changes in temperature, smoke, and other potential threats. The system can be configured to trigger an alarm or notify you through the smartphone app when a threat is detected.

One of the best features of the Loxone Smart Home Security system is its ability to integrate with other smart home devices. For example, if the system detects a fire, it can turn off your HVAC system to prevent the spread of smoke. It can also turn on the lights and unlock the doors to help you escape.

Loxone Alarm Siren

Another unique feature of the Loxone Smart Home Security system is its ability to learn your habits and preferences. For instance, if you usually leave for work at a specific time every day, the system can automatically arm itself when you leave. It can also adjust your lighting and temperature settings based on your preferences.

Loxone Home Automation

Why Choose Loxone Smart Home Security?

There are several reasons why you might choose Loxone smart home security over other options. First, Loxone is a trusted brand that has been around for over a decade. The company has a strong track record of providing reliable and effective smart home solutions.

Second, Loxone smart home security is highly customizable. You can choose the sensors and devices that you need to protect your home, and you can configure the system to fit your specific needs. This makes it a great option for homeowners who want a tailored solution.

Third, Loxone smart home security is easy to use. The system can be controlled through a smartphone app, which makes it convenient to use no matter where you are. You can also control the system through a central control panel, which is great for families who prefer a more traditional approach.

Fourth, Loxone smart home security is scalable. You can start with a basic system and add on additional sensors and devices as needed. This makes it a great option for homeowners who want to start small and gradually build up their smart home security system over time.

Finally, Loxone smart home security is affordable. While the cost will depend on the specific sensors and devices you choose, the system is generally less expensive than other smart home security options on the market.


Overall, Loxone smart home security is a great option for homeowners who want a reliable, customizable, and easy-to-use smart home security system. With its comprehensive set of sensors and devices, the system can help protect your home from a variety of threats. If you’re considering smart home security for your home, be sure to check out Loxone.
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Why It Pays To Hire A Smart Home Expert

Why It Pays To Hire A Smart Home Expert

Why It Pays To Hire A Smart Home Expert

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You can find smart devices and home automation items in every home in this modern time. The rise of home automation platforms such as Alexa, Google home and Apple’s Homekit has given us the ability to turn on a light without touching a switch, heating up the house without touching a button on the boiler and enjoying multiroom audio without the need for an additional home theatre. Today’s sophisticated Smart home systems will save you over 50,000 tasks so you can focus on enjoying time in the kitchen, or with family on the sofa.

Can you build an automated home using consumer DIY products found at your local electronics store? The short answer is yes; you can automate your home using some of these products. The real question is, what do you consider an automated home to be?

With some DIY products, you might end up with a collection of smart devices that don’t always work in harmony. You could end up with many devices that you can control remotely via voice and smartphone, but the cost of them add up to something less than an automated home.

So, should you hire a professional home automation company (like Bespoke Future Homes) to make your home smart? Of course, we’ll make the case below. Keep reading!

Things to Consider

We’ll be honest: most DIY consumer smart devices will work to your satisfaction and work well. Lights turn on via voice activation, your Nest thermostat will adjust on the settings of your smartphone inputs and even sync with your location.

You will start having problems when you need different devices to work together and not relying on the manufactured functions to do a specific task – in this case you need a smart system that can perform multiple tasks at the push of a button or through a presence sensor.

One of the greatest benefits of a perfect smart home system is: does the device received regular software updates? Where is data stored?

Does your flexible smart home allow you can tweak various settings around your daily habits such as party mode, night mode, child mode or away mode (holiday)?

What you get when you hire Bespoke Future Homes

Some people will do repairs around the house themselves, but not want to get into the hard work of hitting the walls down to install a new piping for the sink. You hire a professional that will save you money and time by doing things the right way. We list some great benefits of hiring Bespoke Future Homes:

A smart home system that is designed around your habits, as simple or complicated as it needs to be.

Well-designed Loxone technology that not only solve your needs but keeps your data within your home and provides a responsive lifetime support system.

Install the infrastructure that you may need to make the system work. That may be wired solutions in some areas, as well as installing a robust home network that can accommodate the traffic and response time you want out of your smart home system.

Offer professional, trained support – even outside of regular business hours – to resolve technical issues or add changes to your system.

Chances are you are a busy professional or business owner that doesn’t necessarily like to be your own tech support person. You want a smart home that functions correctly every time. That’s what a professional like Bespoke Future Homes does for you; provide a tailored solution for you which functions correctly every time.

If you want a genuinely seamless smart home automation solution, Bespoke Future Homes would love to work with you. Call us at 01612223443 or submit a request here.

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