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Home automation for apartments developments

Home automation for apartment developments

Including Bespoke Future Homes solution as standard in your development

Bespoke Future Homes is a silver partner of Loxone – one of Europe’s leading home automation brands. With Loxone technology, we have established as a reliable solution for several small and large developers in their builds. Bespoke Future Homes smart solutions can range from single occupant to large family homes, and is situated as a preferrable choice for multi-dwelling units and apartments.

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Unlike off-the-shelf devices that often stand-alone systems, Bespoke Future Homes truly holistic solution for lighting, heating, audio, security, shading and much more. All of which can be perfectly automated to suit the needs of a home’s occupants. The system can be tailored for a specific function, such as lighting, or it can be expanded to control all elements of the building including zoned heating, smart security, access control, automatic blinds, and more.

In addition, Bespoke Future Homes offers the following functionality for large scale developments of all kinds:

Smart building protection and supervision

Bespoke Future Homes offers full functionality for the protection and monitoring of the building:

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Fire and water alarms

Smoke detectors, water sensors and temperature sensors ensure that your properties are continuously monitored. Upon detection, an alarm chain will immediately be triggered.

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Mould prevention

Excessive humidity can cause considerable damage to the interior and fabric of a building. Monitoring humidity and controlling airflow can prevent mould growth.

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Storm and Frost protection

Using a weather station for live data, the building can automatically react when the weather turns and the wind picks up, closing roof windows, and retracting external shading.

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Building management

Data such as temperature, humidity and air quality are continuously recorded. This data can then be sent to the building management staff collated for monitoring.

Building maintenance

Bespoke Future Homes install a range of functionality that makes managing and maintaining multi-dwelling units and apartment buildings easier.

Electronic access control and monitoring

Central monitoring of maintenance schedules, with notification functionality

An open interface for the connection of your own administration software

Central management of user accounts

Measurement of electricity and water consumption

More flexible than other automation systems

Award-winning Tree technology is a completely free-form cabling topology, allowing you to wire for home automation in a way that suits the installation. Just one cable is needed to handle both communications and the carrying of power for all peripheral Tree devices. This minimises the wiring effort and can reduce the cable needed by up to 80% when compared to other similar automation systems.

Simple Tree Wiring


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Making everything work together is what we do best. Our programmers make the magic happen.


We always deliver great support, even after our work is done. If there is anything you need, contact us anytime, and we will do our best to accommodate.

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